Why should you have a first look on your wedding day?

Maybe you've seen you friends or family do a first look, or maybe you've followed a wedding photographer in CT and seen them post about a first look. What the heck is it though?

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the very first time on their wedding day! Traditionally, the first time seeing each other would be at the altar, but things have changed! A first look has taken the wedding world by storm and with good reason. The first look is an intimate moment shared privately after you've gotten ready for the day.

As a wedding photographer in CT, this is one of my absolute favorite parts of the day! The morning is super busy with getting ready, hair, makeup, hanging with your best girls/guys, but when the first look happens, I swear time stands still!


I get to the wedding venue early and scope out a couple spots I think will be best for the first look. I choose based on where the sun will be, privacy, and the background aesthetic. I'll show you what I think, and then it's set! We have your first look location ready to go. I'll make sure everyone who needs to be there knows where it is and remind them of the time from our timeline.

I'll get the groom into position and then a few minutes later, the bride comes down! We don't want anyone crossing paths during the transition, so this part is SUPER important. Once the groom is ready, the bride will usually tap him on the shoulder or just let him know that she's there, so he can turn around and the big reveal happens!

This is a moment that has NO direction from me as a wedding photographer in CT. This is a super personal moment that I want to document, but don't want to be directly involved in. I'll give you anywhere from five to ten minutes to really soak in the moment and spend time with each other before the busyness of the day starts back up.


You get more photos in your gallery! Remember that this is your wedding day, and this is just my humble opinion as a wedding photographer in CT! After the first look, it's time to take portraits! Pictures of the bride and groom individually and together. Having a first look before the ceremony is a fail safe to ensure that there are indeed formal couple portraits. If anything were to happen like the ceremony starting late, and important guest running behind etc, that would eat into your portrait time after the ceremony and that would be sad! Having two sets of portraits from the day is great .

You get to spend more time together during the day, and sooner! In a traditional wedding when you don't see each other until you're walking down the aisle, the day is more than half over by the time you see each other. For me, that's a major bummer! By the time your ceremony happens you will have spent all day away from each other. During the ceremony you’ll be busy saying your vows and doing the whole getting married thing, but there’s no real time to catch your breath and enjoy that this is your wedding day. 


After the ceremony you’ll be busy with your wedding party pictures, family formal pictures and then it’s already time for the reception and you still haven’t had a minute to relax and really soak in the moment. 

You have more time to actually celebrate!  If you do have a first look, you’ll be able to get most of the photos out of the way before the ceremony leaving you to enjoy the rest of the day. All that’s left to do will be to grab some family formals, run off into the sunset together and enjoy your reception as a married couple. Less stress? Sounds like a solid plan to me!


A first look is a really important, and really personal decision when it comes to building your timeline and creating your wedding day with your wedding photographer in CT. It's not a decision that anyone can make for you, but with these things taken into consideration, it will hopefully make that decision a little bit easier for you! The main thing that I always tell my couples is that this day is about YOU. If you don't want to have a first look, a first touch is an option, and keeping it traditional is always a classic move, too!

Whether you are team first look, or team traditional your wedding day should always be exactly what you want it to be and not what others want it to be for you. As you wedding photographer in CT, I'm here to educate you on your options and provide you with all the information, but never to step over what you truly desire for your best day ever.

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