Anniversary Date Night in Downtown Mystic, Connecticut

Nick and Hayley are about as cute as they come, y'all. There wasn't a single moment during this session where they weren't laughing, kissing, holding hands, STARING INTO EACHOTHER'S EYES *cue tears*, or simply being in love. It was like watching a RomCom unfold before my eyes, and I'm a straight up sucker for a good RomCom!

Hayley is a stellar photographer herself, and Nick was the one who introduced her to the art! Having a photographer in front of my camera always makes me a little more nervous, but equally as excited for the challenge! When I asked Hayley if she would be down to do something different than going to one of my usual locations, she immediately loved the idea. We decided to head to Downtown Mystic, Connecticut and stop by the one and only Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream even though its was only 27 degrees that day. Talk about a true New England couple!

After they finished their ice cream date, we headed to a nearby play ground, and be still my beating Marvel fan heart, Nick got on one of the bars upside down and a classic Spidey and MJ photo op happened. I might have died a little bit inside from how sweet this was, but our session wasn't done, so I had to keep going. Swinging on swings, sliding on slides, and watching their inner child let loose was captivating.

Hanging out by the docks and on the drawbridge over the Mystic River led to some more sweet moments shared by this couple celebrating their upcoming anniversary. One of the questions I always ask my couples is if they know their love languages. With physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation being the front runners for Hayley and Nick, it was effortless to capture their best friend, whole world, adventurous kind of love.

These are the photoshoots that remind me why I'm a photographer and serve couples. I cannot get over this session and how beautiful the two of them are together.