How to Survive Family Photos on your Wedding Day

What the Best CT Wedding Photographers Know

Family photos on your wedding day can feel a lot like herding a group of cats if you don't go in with a solid plan. Keep reading the best CT wedding photographers secrets to learn how to have a super successful, low stress wedding day!


This is the KEY to having success on your wedding day. If your family isn't on the same page, this won't end well, trust me. Feelings will be hurt, people will be annoyed, and they'll let you know about it! This is not the vibe we're trying to have on your wedding day. We want everything to be organized, streamlined, and fun. This starts with communicating to you family. What do you need to communicate? The who, what, when, where, and why.

WHO and WHAT is going to be part of family photos? Your immediate family ONLY. This isn't the time to have a family reunion photo taken, especially when you have so many other photo combinations to go through. The best CT photographers know that keeping this time to immediate family will make things go smoothly and won't take too much time! Let Aunt Suzy and Uncle Bill know in advance that you can take photos together during the reception, but this block is for immediate fam. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and your children if applicable.

WHEN and WHERE will your photos be taken? Right after the ceremony is the best time! Everyone that needs to be present is in the same location already. Don't make it more difficult for the group by asking them to move to a different location and risk people breaking up because of driving, bathroom breaks, and a pit stop at cocktail hour.

WHY do we need family photos? For the memories. This might be the last time you have a professional take pictures of your whole family together. It could be the last photograph of you and your mom together by a professional. The last photo of your grandparents. The best CT photographers know the importance of family photos at a wedding and we take it seriously. It's not just part of the day that we rush through. It's intentional and important. This is the legacy you came from and we're going to document it.

I know it's a lot. Family isn't always the easiest. Sometimes there's drama, sometimes there's a lot of family, and sometimes it's really freaking cold outside and you're hungry. Remember that this is the legacy you came from and where you're going. This is new beginnings, and old familiar chapters. It's important.

Designate someone to round up your family

Ok, we ALL have a single person that comes to mind when thinking of the loudest person in our family. For my's probably me haha! Who is for your family? Give them the wedding day job of making sure everyone is where they need to be after the ceremony ends. Don't let anyone leave! And have them help the photographer calling out names and groupings. We may know names, but not necessarily have the name to the face. This is super important to making sure things are streamlined and good to go. All in all, this should take about 20-30 minutes to get through with top notch organization by the best CT wedding photographers.

HAve details ready to go

Just because some family members might not be IN the wedding, doesn't mean we don't want them looking their best and ready to go for photos. This means, no phones in pockets, no sunglasses on faces or heads (THAT MEANS YOU GUYS), and suit jackets can unbutton the bottom button. Check, check, and check- looking good!

Prepare a Family Shot list

This is the only time the best CT photographers will use a shot list. The rest of your day is going to be captured as it unfolds. Having a shot list for any other part of the day puts your wedding in a box. I personally don't accept Pinterest suggestions. Those photos are true to that particular couple and that particular wedding, but not yours. Let your day be organic and true to you.

Family photos on the other hand- I'm not messing around with that! About a month and a half in advance, I'll send you a check list to build family shot list. I'll also need to know about any family dynamics going on. Divorced or deceased parents, siblings that don't get along, grandparents on one side of the family, but not the other are all things that your best CT photographers need to know about in advance to help make this portion of the day go as smooth as possible.

There you have it!

That's how to survive family photos on your wedding day. Communicate, designate, and be prepared. Need help building your family shot list for your wedding day? Here's a freebie for you to make your family photos on wedding day planning a breeze.