How to Securely Store your Wedding Photos

Not your Mama's Wedding Photo's

The big day is over, and your wedding gallery has been delivered to your inbox. Now what do you do with them? We are the digital generation! Gone are the days where a photographer would deliver your wedding photos in an album or on rolls of film for you to print. Today, most wedding photographers are sending your wedding gallery through a secure gallery delivery website. From there you can download your images directly to your phone or computer. If you've ever had a photoshoot before, you probably know this, and it's probably stopped there. Let's talk about the ways you can save your wedding photos to make sure they're safe for the long haul.

Location, location, location

Part of my back up process in securely storing your wedding photos is backing up to multiple locations. Multiple physical locations, as well as cloud locations. If anything were to happen (technology fails, it happens) I don't need to panic because every image I've ever taken is securely stored in more than one spot. Here are my favorite ways for clients to store their images in addition to their phones, laptops, or desktop computers.


This is an inexpensive and reliable way for you to store your wedding photos. Grab a reliable brand (like SanDisk) and download your photos to the drive and keep it in a safe and dry location.

External hard Drives/Solid state Drives

Now we're pulling out the big guns. External hard drives are a great way to utilize storage. They're bigger than USB drives, and a bit more expensive, but the chances of misplacing it are lower. They also hold more images so you can keep backing up your photos as your life goes on and your family grows. External hard drives and solid state drives are what us pros use to keep your images safe!

Cloud options

Cloud options are fantastic because they're free (up to a certain storage size) and you have absolutely no chance of misplacing where they are. Options like Google Drive and DropBox are safe and reliable places. You can make your folder private or share it with a friend or loved one. Should you ever lose the images downloaded directly to your phone, you can download them again directly from the cloud. Easy!

Print your photos

This is my favorite option that I recommend, not only for backing up, but for your memories. There's nothing like walking into your house after a long day and being greeted by some of your fondest memories when you put your keys on the entry way table. Being able to touch the photos does something inside your brain (I don't know what, I'm not a scientist), but the serotonin is off the charts when you hold them.

Your photographer will likely have professional labs that you can print from to preserve color and quality. There's nothing worse than getting your photos back from Walgreens and not loving them because they aren't the same as what you saw on your screen. Believe me. I've been there. Since then, I only print from my favorite professional lab to ensure I love every photo I print. And let me tell ya- I do!

If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's that technology will fail. Without a doubt, nothing lasts forever. You've invested so much time, love, and money into your wedding day between the venue, dress, tux, decor, and photography. Don't forget to spend a few extra dollars to make sure that your budding legacy is safe. These moments will have infinite impact from generation to generation. Keep them safe!

I've linked to some different products that I trust and have used (not affiliates, just helping you out!), so PLEASE be sure to get yourself some peace of mind by knowing that your irreplaceable images are safe from whatever life throws at you!

I take storage SO freaking seriously. I'm protecting some of your most precious moments.

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