Date Night Session at Harkness Park, Waterford CT.

I don't really know what to say about Brent and Coral that will properly convey how this session went besides utter perfection. Coral is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Her kind disposition made this session so easy. She exudes a joy for life and a love for Brent that's so refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, Brent deserves a standing ovation for this session. He was in the moment from the time we started until the very end. It's so apparent from these pictures that he completely adores her. I mean, really adores her. His eyes say it all. I know I talk a lot about being able to get guys to open up and not feel awkward, but I barely had to do any work here!

We explored new parts of Harkness park and came across some logs and tree stumps. Brent's adventurous side came to life and he immediately ran up to them and climbed a giant tree stump. Coral followed the adventure and together they made some magic.

Everything about this night was beautiful. Their love for each other, the light coming through the grass during golden hour, and the laughter they shared. Coral even told me that this session brought them closer together. That's the goal. That's the heart of this business. It's not just about the pretty pictures. It's about telling your love story. It's about bringing you closer together. It's about a shared experience just for you that no one else is going to have. Bonus: incredible images for you to have forever.