Celebrating your CT engagement with Photos

I know, I know. You might be tempted to skip the engagement photos step in the process of wedding planning, but I'm here to tell you- it's practically a non negotiable! The whole point of your wedding is to celebrate you and your love! It happens along the way in the form of engagement parties, bridal showers, Jack and Jills, bachelorette/bachelor parties, the wedding, reception- SO MANY THINGS.

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, you're showered with love from other people and surrounded by some of your closest friends and family. Did you stop and take a minute to celebrate? Did you stop and take a minute to stay in the moment and realize what a MONUMENTAL moment this is in your lives?!

Here's what the engagement session does for you --->

It lets you soak in this really special moment. You're only going to be engaged one time during your relationship. Just one time. You don't get to go back after you're married and be engaged again (although you should 100% keep dating, but that's a topic for another day!). There's so much excitement around being engaged. It's a transition period. It's the bridge to between who you were and who you're becoming. It's a joining together of two lives and two families. It's worth documenting.

It doesn't matter if you have a long engagement ahead, or decided to make everything happen within a few months- the CT engagement photos is a must happen moment for you to hold on to.

You have to send out save the dates. And while you could totally just send out some cute stationary declaring your wedding date and giving everyone a heads up, it's SO much better on the receiving end to open your mail and see the wildly in love, smiling faces of people that you love.

It's practice for the big day. On your wedding day you'll have some chunks during the day when you're having a portrait session (make sure sunset photos are added to your timeline!) and if you've never had your pictures professionally done before that can feel REALLY awkward. The goal of your wedding day is to be in the moment and celebrate your love. The goal of wedding photography is to capture all the happiness and celebration of the day! Having an engagement session beforehand helps YOU to feel comfortable during your wedding day portrait sessions. When I ask you to walk and bump hips, skip and give me your best laugh, or stare down the camera with your straight up VOGUE model look, you'll want to have a little practice before hand to be able to nail those shots and be comfortable. Being comfortable leads to confidence, and that's what makes your photos shine!

This is a huge relationship builder between photographer and couple. Can you imagine inviting someone into your sacred wedding space that you've never even worked with before? This is where you let your personality shine, and get to know mine! Trust me, it'll make the day of your wedding run so smoothly knowing that you can trust, and really like the one who's capturing all these moments for you. Building trust and connection is the secret sauce to beyond amazing wedding photos down the road.

Are you convinced yet?!

Make sure you add this on with a CT engagement photographer to your wedding collection to be the most comfortable you can be in front of the camera.