Date Night Session at Harkness Park | Ryan and Briana

You're going to want to read this because it is IMPORTANT! If you've been around for any length of time, you've heard me talk about the importance of dating your spouse. You've heard me say that you need to take time away from your kids to put each other first. There's a lot of resistance around that line of thinking, and I totally get it. But that's what Ryan and Briana did for their session and it makes my heart so happy!

They have the love story we all dream of. Childhood friends turned high school sweethearts- together since they were 16 years old. Ryan and Briana are parents to two incredible little boys, and spent the night with me loving on each other. They laughed, they did some cuddling, stared into each other's eyes (ok, it was a no blinking contest), and they were able to relax with each other. The byproduct of that is not only some straight FIRE images, but also stoking the fire that is their marriage. It was a whole thing completed with going out to dinner afterwards just the two of them.

I cannot stress it enough- date your spouse. Take the time to be with each other. Being in parent mode all the time doesn't always allow for the opportunity to love on each other. It seriously just makes my heart melt thinking about this session. The opportunity to capture your love story and leave with lasting memories is waiting for you, too.