Well, Hey There!

I'm Rachel! I'm a Connecticut Photographer and I'm digging deep into my love for storytelling to craft an experience that is real, original, and SUPER FREAKING FUN.

My kind of people are real, imperfect, quirky, and a little chaotic - just like ya girl! If you love to be a little silly, sweet, sassy, romantic, and have a GOOD TIME, then you'll feel right at home with me.

As a published Connecticut photographer (most recently in Connecticut Bride Magazine!), I'll take you from those initial feelings of awkwardness to feeling confident and connected to your loved one every. dang. time.

I bring real emotions out of you and so that your images are full of ALL the good feels. Be prepared to get weird!

I've been with my hottie husband since 2013 (we met at Target. Mhmm, that happened!), and have three small humans that call me mama. When I'm not with clients, you can find my homebody self having kitchen dance parties while listening 2000s pop punk and emo hits, binge watching the newest series obsession, volunteering at my church and drinking gallons of cold brew because mommin' ain't easy, y'all.

Connecticut Photographer leaning on a dresser throwing hand up and laughing
Connecticut photographer sitting on ground looking away and laughing at the gentle bull studio Hartford ct
Connecticut photographer leaning over and smiling in Columbia ct
Connecticut photographer making silly face holding camera standing in front of brick wall
Connecticut Photographer holds hands in field with husband
Connecticut photographer husband and wife

Connecticut photographer husband and wife

Last three photos credit: HFitch Photography

My Mission


I didn't grow up with a camera in my hands like you might see another Connecticut photographer say, but photos were always important to me. Not because I had a ton, but because there were never enough. I don't have a bunch of photos of my parents' childhood. I can recall one picture of my grandma on her wedding day. There just aren't enough photos.

Unfortunately I didn't realize how important photos are until it was too late. I have a bunch of silly selfies with the people that mean the most to me, some of them have since passed on, but if I'm being honest, my husband and I didn't even have a professional wedding photographer at our wedding.

My “why” is born out of what I don’t have. 

I don’t have: 

Wedding photos that I cherish. 

Beautiful memories of the day I got married. 

Images that take me back to being young and in love. 

Photos of me carrying three lives within my womb or their first moments earth side.

I had a friend who graciously grabbed some snapshots for us at our wedding, but they’re not displayed in my home. In fact, I’m not even sure where the album is.

We let the wedding process and planning be dictated by other people, and it was a day that feels more somber than it does exciting as we started our new life together. 

I love my husband. I love the life we’ve built together. But I hate our wedding day. 

those moments are gone.

Why Photography?

I’m passionate about couples preserving their memories on their terms. My gift to you through the photography process is making you feel confident in yourself, and connected to the irreplaceable moments that matter most.

It's more than just the digital files you'll receive. It's about the legacy you're capturing. When you're old and gray, your grandchildren will hold these photos in their hands. They'll understand where they came from.

They'll understand their part in your legacy.

While I don't share identifying images of our children on public platforms, below you can find a little peek into the legacy I'm building.

Client Love Notes

Client Love Notes

“Rachel was amazing! She made us feel so comfortable and coached us through every pose.
I highly recommend booking with her. The photos came out so beautiful, even more beautiful then I imagined. The couples session helped my partner and I to become even closer.
It was such a wonderful experience.”

If you want to know me more, I'll see you in my stories